Are you Gingermermaid?

I had the opportunity to attend the week-long NAFSA conference for international educators in Vancouver, Canada.  The conference itself was amazing, and Vancouver?  AWESOME.

But perhaps the most thrilling aspect of it all was my apparent fame…Yes, you are reading the blog of a famous blogger in the international education community.

The infamous Gingermermaid working the booth at NAFSA.

Let me set the stage. 

As known, I am blogging as the intern for the Embassy of Australia.  I post on our Twitter pages and on our Facebook pages and include my blog in our eNewsletters.  Many of our Australian and American partner universities as well as other groups, such as AustraLearn, read this information.

So, as my supervisor was speaking with a member from Australian Catholic University and I walked by, he turned to her and asked, “Is that Gingermermaid?”  He must have been in complete awe and shock to know that a celebrity blogger for the Embassy of Australia was, indeed, breathing the same air as him.

My next realisation in fame came when I was at a networking reception for Griffith University and I was speaking with a representative from the University of Denver (that’s you, Levi!) who asked me, “Are you Gingermermaid?”  My reply was, “Yes I am!  Would you like an autograph?”  He was too shy to ask, but I gave him one anyway, or maybe just my business card.

We went from here to there, and back again.

I also had the opportunity to meet with the University of Queensland in which a blogger I selected and moderate for our own gostudyinaustralia blog attends on  study abroad.  He is featured in their University of Queensland brochure and they just adore him!  I was so proud.

It’s great to see how blogging and other social media practices have united such a vast community, and to be part of it, well, I feel a bit like a diva.  Especially as I am gaining recognition for my work.

Alas, I must announce that my way with the Embassy of Australia is drawing to its close.  Sadness.  A gray cloud hangs over the office as we mourn my departure.  However, it doesn’t mean the end to my blog, but the beginning of a new adventure and story for the infamous Gingermermaid.


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