The End of an Era

Today is a sad day indeed for this ginger-ninja.  It is my last day as the Embassy of Australia intern.  😦

I knew this day would come, but how does time fly so fast?!  I accomplished so much and have grown so much as a person, more than I could imagine. 

I've made a lot of interesting connections through my work...

I survived a D.C. winter, now I must survive the D.C. summer.  And, as the air-con is broken on my final day here, I am truly sweating it out.

It was a rough end-of-the-year for me in 2010, and this internship shone like a beacon of hope.  It represented a fresh start.  I’m slightly afraid now because I still don’t have an idea what’s next.  I guess that also makes it an adventure!  I never shy away from an adventure.

So, I move forward and forge new relationships, find new opportunities and create more chapters to the story of gingermermaid.


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