Great News From Down Under!

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but I have the first true positive news I’ve had since undertaking the impossible task of finding employment.  Yes, I’ve finally been shortlisted.  Where?  At an university in Australia!!!  Woohoo!

For purposes of privacy and fear of jinxing it, I’m not going to divulge where or what it is, but it might just be in the awesomest city in the world.

The Education Team at the embassy has been an awesome support through my application process.

After the millions of jobs I’ve applied for and a few rejections, even from this uni, it’s great to have something to work towards.  And I am certainly working towards this!  The selection criteria, that accompanies most job applications in Australia, has already taken me nearly 4.5 hours.  I need to kick butt on it to get an interview and I did selection criteria for the positions I’ve applied for at the embassy.  One got me an interview, and the other?  I didn’t stand a chance against the competition.

So, power of positive thinking and power of awesomeness to unite!  I’ll be submitting it tonight.  Got to get it in by Australian time.  Woohoo!  Here’s to another 4.5 hours…coffee is on.


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