Gingermermaid…The Sequel

Damn straight.  You heard it here first.  Since I love blogging oh-so-much I have come up with a way to build my writing portfolio, keep readers entertained (as well as myself), and fill the time in between looking for work by doing something proactive.  So enough of the teasing, right?

I decided to do a story blog, inspired by photos.  So, I have a couple of ideas on this:

One, write a caption to a photo, maybe accurate or maybe completely fictional.

Two, write a story to a photo, maybe incorporating in several photos that are related or not.  Again, fictional or truth?  Maybe I’ll mix it up so people don’t really know and they can guess.  Mystery and drama?  It’s too much!  Plus, it saves me embarrassment from stories that have happened and I want to write about but shan’t admit actually did occur…mom doesn’t need to know…

Three, do like number two, but continue the story for several weeks using the photos or ideas generated in a blog post.  So perhaps I will come out with a short story by the end, or more ambitious, a novel!

Auntie Em (me) captivating my little audience with my mad reading, writing skills.

Some posts may take a bit more time, but the goal is once a week.  It’s like they used to do in Victorian times, in newspapers.  Print part of a story that eventually turned into a book!  And I’m sure those crazy Victorians loved that suspense of waiting for the next week’s story continuation.  Even I won’t know how this will turn out!

Oh, I’m so excited, I might vomit.


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