Under the Sea

It’s official.  I am a special person who needs to quickly find a job before I commence another blog along another theme.  Segue!  So here is my new blog: Under the Sea.

“Wait a minute, Gingermermaid!” You might be thinking, “what about this wonderful blog that I do, indeed, read religiously?”

Well, my loyal fans, do not fret, as this blog isn’t going anywhere.  As previously blogged, the theme is different, perhaps less stream of consciousness and more creative and thoughtful.  Ok, even more creative and thoughtful (with a dose of random, naturally).

My brain feels itself turning to mush in between applying for jobs and reading ghost stories in my free time (which, consequently, I am finding too much of).  I need a creative outlet so I don’t go mad, and blogging has proven therapeutic for my broken heart, my lack of job and the drama I seek out in my life.

I know I left some cliffhangers, but no worries, my travel adventures will be documented soon enough.  Speaking of which, time to write a letter of complaint to US Airways…


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