New York to DC

Me and Ily in Central Park.

Whenever I go to New York City, I am always exceedingly happy to back in DC.  It’s not that I don’t like New York–quite the contrary–I love it!  But coming back to DC, I feel I can breathe again (and not just because of the smog in New York).

New York is great for shopping.  And it’s awesome for shopping.  Fantastic for shopping.  So, what I am trying to get at is that NYC is a great place to shop.

It’s a fun place to go out in and the city truly has no bedtime.  In saying that, $$$.  Fun to go out in, but only with money.  Money is a rare commodity if you live in New York due to the high cost of life.  So it’s great to be in the centre of it, to be part of the apple, if you can hack it.

The amount of people who work, live, visit New York City is slightly disgusting.  I feel like a salmon swimming upstream and am tired of the tourist attractions anyway, so I avoid them.  But people are in more places than Times Square, they are EVERYWHERE.  Not a good relocation venture for a hermit.

The subway, although slightly sticky and dodgy, is fairly dependable and regular (NYC fiber, I reckon).  Plus, reasonably priced to get you uptown, downtown and all-around.

DC has its faults; the Metro is only convenient when it works, and sadly, when it does, it’s an anomaly.  1/3 of the escalators are out of commission–Dupont Circle steps anyone?  Climbers come here to train for Mt. Everest on our broken escalators.  The cost to ride the metro?  Your first-born, and if without children, your leg–that way you can’t even get out because the escalators are broken.  (Unsuck DC Metro Blog)

DC drivers are not so much better than NYC drivers, but we have the countdown on all our crosswalk traffic lights.  I like to race it.  2 seconds?  I don’t think so!  I can make it!  (Boom, crash).

DC is a bit more manageable with people, especially if you are intelligent enough to avoid the Mall.  Everyone comes in a family of 7 with a 5-across stroller or in a school group with 30 students in matching t-shirts and the same disregard for space.

It’s very clean, although they cannot manage snow removal, but neither can NYC.  Really, who doesn’t love a snow day anyway?

New York is diverse, but embassies fill the nooks and crannies of the city with countries you can’t even believe exist!

Shopping is good here too…minus the damn tax.  New York wins this one.

DC United! Yeah, Washington DC soccer, let's kick it.

Although located on a swamp (such intelligent forefathers), and erratic weather of either 300 degrees F or -300 degrees F, I can’t help but love every flaw and attribute to the city (except the metro) and feel more at home here than back in Pennsylvania.  Sorry, Mom.  Nothing personal.

In short, New York is great, but DC is my home.  Complete with Obama, free museums, sirens, black squirrels, the Caps and Jumbo Slice.


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