It’s raining cats and dogs, prepare the ark!

In my nine months living in DC, I’ve noticed something about the weather here–it’s manic. 

Within two weeks we have had an earthquake, hurricane, and I’m fairly certain we are experiencing a monsoon right now.  The winters are icy and frigid, the summers are oppressive and heat stroke inducing.  Spring and fall?  It seems these seasons last one or two days, and then it gets all dramatic.

At least it’s interesting.

Why do people say “it’s raining cats and dogs” rather than another animal or object?  Perhaps an aquatic animal would make more sense?  Dolphins and sharks?  Bob Barker told us to control the pet population, but if it rained cats and dogs, could anything truly be done about that?  A pondersome thought.


2 thoughts on “It’s raining cats and dogs, prepare the ark!

  1. Didn’t Mrs. Saylor teach you anything? Oh wait… In the Elizabethan era the middle/lower class kept their pets in their thatched roofs. During big rain storms, they’d slide off. Hence the idiom.

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