Why it’s OK not to have a job–again

Although it’s not unexpected, I am, once more, out of a job.  For circumstances out of my control, and for which details I shan’t bore anyone with, I am once again on the search for employment.  Sigh and groan.Rather than feeling downtrodden and drowning my sorrows in some sort of vice, I’ve opted to note the pros and cons of my situation with a focus on the “pros”:

Pros Cons
Time to catch-up on much-needed sleep. Paycheck?
Opportunity to spend the days in one of the free Smithsonian museums. So many annoying school groups and crying children at said museums.
I have time to search for jobs. I have time to search for jobs.
I can go shopping without the crowds! I can’t buy anything because I don’t have an income.
I can stay up late and sleep in late. This commences my transformation into a vampire, and vampires are too damn trendy right now.
Chilling in the park, reading and writing. It’s now chilly in the park.
Self-reflection. Reaction to self-reflection is an anxiety attack of, “What the hell am I doing with my life?”
Opportunity to take classes. In D.C. there is no such thing as affordable classes.
Hanging out with friends. They all have jobs—bastards.
Some personal stuff not to list. No negative side to that.

I begin again the job seeking, applying, interviewing and balancing it with a taste of sanity.  For sure, in my free time I will be distracting my employed friends with texts, e-mails, and general mischief in hopes I can get them fired and take their jobs.  Muhahahaha!

Perhaps I can join the “Occupy D.C.” people.  Seems like a productive way to support…uh…multiple, competing, mixed messages.

Here’s to the economy, pick yourself up, already.  Some of us have rent to pay.


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