Wisdom from 3 and 5 year old ginger kids — Part I

Pesky little brother...

I have two nieces, 3 and 5–Josie and Ruby–and a nephew, some months–Samuel.  All are redheaded, and all the cutest ever, naturally, as they have the cutest aunt ever.  They also offer some wondrous logic and insight to life:

Ruby, on waking baby Sam up during a nap: “But I didn’t wake him up. He woke up all on his own while I was petting his head.”

More kid logic, in response to Sam being woken up during nap time: “We were really quiet when we got the blankets for our fort from Sam’s room.”

Daddy Forr: “See if you can catch that grasshopper.”

Ruby: “Oh dad, grasshoppers want to be free.”

Josie: “Auntie Em, does the sun come from an egg?”

Josie: “Auntie Em, why are we alive?”

Josie: “How do I keep the nightmares away?”

Me: “You wake up and they disappear.”

Josie: “How do they not follow me into my dreams?  Do I shut the door?”

Me: “You can try it.”

Josie: “If I get scared, will you get me water?”

Me: “Ok, come get me.”

Josie: “Ok, I find you and you bring me water to make the nightmares go away.”

16 can wait...

Josie: “Do you have a prince, Auntie Em?”

Me: “No, I don’t.”

Josie: “It’s OK, when I get older I will grow my hair long like Rapunzel and help you meet a prince.”

Josie offering to be my wing-girl several months ago.

Josie on trick-or-treating: “I don’t want candy, I want rocks.  I like rocks.”

Too much It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?

For more kid entertainment, see infamous fashion video here.  I enable…



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