Obsession: Downton Abbey

I discovered the magic of Downton Abbey randomly one fateful day last year. My roommate and I were barely paying attention to PBS playing in the background on our ghetto TV that gets 6 channels. We bantered back and forth, played on our computers, and from time to time, our eyes flickered up to the television, became enraptured at the chaos unfolding before us for a moment or two before we got back to our shenanigans. However, as the 90 minutes progressed, we soon lost ourselves to the enchantment: gasping when shocked, laughing when appropriate, tearing up when necessary, and shouting in exclamation at scandal. Oh the scandal.

After the first episode, which was really the third episode of the season, my roommate and I could not believe our lives had every truly begun before that moment. This might be a slight exaggeration, however, it proves the strength of our passion for this Masterpiece BBC magic.

The new season has commenced and the best, most amazing part is that there is another season! Sometimes the BBC is all like, “Let’s do this for a season and stop it.” This is not the case, they see the magic (and probably some dollar, I mean, pound signs).

After re-watching the first season, I made it through the first half of the second season’s premier episode, aiming to savor it’s glory. At 4am, it was time to call it quits. However, much to my dismay, the next day my partner in watching the show demonstrated ultimate betrayal: 1) he watched without me the rest of the episode 2) he accidentally deleted the season 2 premier off the DVR. There are no words to emphasize the devastation I felt. The only peace of mind I have it repeated today, it can be re-recorded, and that it is out on DVD, so the rumors say…

I won’t even begin to describe the eccentricities of this show and the multiple plot lines, but I will showcase my favorite series of clips of one-liners from the show. Love Maggie Smith.

“I hate Greek drama. When everything happens off stage.”

As I write, I’m watching the second part now…oh the splendor.


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