Chapter 27

It’s been ages since my last post, and for this I am most apologetic.

2012 has been a challenging year, and I’m sure it will only get more challenging, but amidst this, I hope that I reap something bigger than I can fathom.

On this February Leap Day, I have been offered and have accepted new employment. It is both exciting and terrifying. Terrifying because I held 3 positions last year and none of them panned out quite right; I want so badly to be in a comfortable, but electric, work atmosphere to flourish in–for the long term. I psych myself out fearing failure that it almost makes it feel inevitable, but self-doubt is not a path to indulge in.

It’s exciting because each new job opportunity opens a new world and a new chance at success with so much to learn. Perhaps I will do something that will not only impress my employers, but myself, and perhaps somehow I’ll leave a stamp on the world. In this new role, I have more a chance at leaving a stamp than anything else I’ve done before.

I may be getting ahead of myself, the job was offered but references are still be checked, and the official letter of offer arrives tomorrow. But when something happens, I am that annoying person who needs to make sure the world, and various universes, are aware of my happiness.

Anyway, the down and dirty of it is that when all goes well (fingers crossed) I will be working with ASMEA, the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa. During my first phone interview, my interviewer asked me to sum up Africa and the Middle East in a few sentences. My reply was, “That’s impossible.” Despite that curt answer, I managed to snag two more interviews and a verbal offer.

Yep, at 27, tiara on head and icing-laden, juvenile cake, about to embark on an intense career adventure.

This is a big step career-wise and can have a huge impact on my future in more ways than I believe I can anticipate. I am up for the challenge, scared, and very excited. Some travel to new and very different worlds, some big-as tasks to accomplish, and some growing to do.

I sound so disgustingly cheesy at this very moment, that I’m tempted to grab some crackers.


One thought on “Chapter 27

  1. All those emotion experienced are normal with any new experience!! Your dad and I are so proud of you and are absolutely confident you are up for the challenge! You have always taken the road less traveled and your life experiences will only add to this new challenge!! We love you. Mom and Dad

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