The dating game–with apartments

Today I made the astute observation (I like to think it is and that I’m the first to think of it) that looking for apartments is not unlike dating.

There is a lot of single, available homes out there just waiting for the right person/tenant. Yeah, it’s true, sometimes you see a house or apartment and wish they were on the market, but hey, there are many other doors to be knocking on.

So you scour ads, walk around and look for “available” signs, and talk with friends who might know of a place. Eventually you have a place to look at and consider–or even several (wink wink).

You read the reviews on the place, virtual stocking if you will, and then prep yourself for the meet. You get excited thinking about what it will be like, what’s inside, is there enough closet space, is it a good neighborhood, what’s the landscaping like, is electric included or is that excess baggage to be considered.

Next, you meet the landlord, the matchmaker of apartment dealings. He/She tells you all about the place and why it’s great. Then they introduce flesh and brick.

First you see the place from the outside, maybe it’s good maybe not, but you always keep an open mind. After all, it’s what’s inside that counts, like newly installed shower heads and a dishwasher–and God willing–a laundry unit.

When you walk through that door, you know that if the door opens smoothly or if it needs jimmied, what you may be in for.

Sometimes you walk in unimpressed, but then upon thought, consideration, and a get-to-know one another walk-through, you see the potential, and can even envision settling down there.

Other times you are blown away by the epicness, but when you open your eyes and see water damage in the corner, or realize the rent is disproportionate to the benefits of living there, you quickly assess and reconsider if the foundation is really enough to have a livable situation.

During the walk through you may here another potential candidate at the door–the other tenant. It gets complicated when two people, and sometimes more, are in competition for the same 600 square feet, but it also gets interesting.

After leaving and getting to know the ins and outs of the apartment (giggle) you can have a serious talk about your future with the house. What’s the rent, what’s the process of applying, what is included, when is it available, how much do you have to deposit before you can claim the unit as your casa?

If you fall head over heals for a place, then it’s a waiting game. Did they get my application? Are they going to call? Did that other guy get paperwork in before me? What did my references say? What will I do if this doesn’t work out? I don’t want any place else! I can’t settle! Why won’t they email? Maybe I should email..

In the end, one can only hope that the apartment gods and apartment cupid can work their magic, and although we don’t get it and it doesn’t happen perfectly, eventually it will work out.

So, in short, there are many studios, bedrooms, and 2-bedrooms out there. When the right one comes along you’ll know and it will work. And the nice thing about renting is, if you make a bad decision, you can totally get out of it. When you commit to the mortgage papers, that’s another story…


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