Do I buy a couch, or do I buy this…

Embarking on this moving adventure, I am characteristically excited imagining the home I will make for myself over the next months. I’m researching furniture for my friends to crash on and kitchen appliances I will probably never use. Gandering is fine, but once I buy, it’s going to require an investment of green paper. Green paper is one of those things I’m a little bit low on. Partly due to working for a nonprofit and mostly to do with a healthy liking of shopping.


… THIS!!!

I put this question to my friend, and this was her response:

That was convincing enough for me. So I left Anthropologie, with monetary guilt in my wallet and a bag full of goodies.

I may have no place for guests to sit  when they come to visit, and I may not even have enough space to hang my clothes, but I can sit in my apartment and at least look good–it’s not like I’ll have any money to go out.

P.S. Anyone wanting to donate some furniture to a worthy cause? 🙂

UPDATE: I bought both. Because who needs money to eat when you can sit and look good?


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