A wardrobe Sisyphus

I’ve been packing, packing, packing. I didn’t think it would take me much time as I nearly zero furniture with an exception of a lamp and coat stand. But what I lack in furniture, I make up for in skirts, pants, dresses, tops, shoes, purses, tiaras, and other superfluous, frivolous, arbitrary items.

Naive me believed I’d get this done in 2 – 3 hours. Jaded me realizes that my punishment for having a shopping addiction is to continually pack up the clothes that still have tags on them, the clothes I had long ago forsook for other fashionable objects, and shoes I’ve had for years but don’t have the heart to toss. I believe for the rest of my life, and probably into eternity, I will be packing up my consumerism.

Through this packing procedure, I’m also accessing what I will wear in the next 5 days. Considering my closet is still busting, it appears that I want to have hundreds of options the next days for any weather emergency, for any possible hot celebrity siting, for going out dancing or deciding to become a ballet dancer (yes, I can’t even pack up my leotard and tutu). Anything can happen, and I must be  prepared! (After today’s 100 degree weather, I’m proud to say I packed up my mittens, but not necessarily my scarves…)

This is what is packed and put in ONE corner of the room, not shown are the other corners. This is all clothes. Most came from the closet with a few stragglers from the dresser.

Still hanging out in the closet, waiting to be smooshed into a bag or box.

The fact I have much packed shows that I am a clothing conqueror, attempting to acquire all I can with little regard for the heat inflicted on the credit card plastic or the sales associates who are forced to fold and offer their endless opinions on what I am trying on.

I totally get Alexander the Great’s desire to conquer the world, gathering as much territory as possible. That was his thing like mine is clothes. I’m well on the way of surpassing his acquisitions, with more money carnage than people carnage and less land acquisition and more stripes and sequins. Anthropologie, you are mine!

With that said, I accidentally went shopping today. I accidentally tried on clothes. I accidentally bought clothes. My credit card slipped and fell and I caught it with my signature. I blame the metro for working today and taking me to Pentagon City (curse you yellow line!). I blame the hot weather for making me seek activities indoors. I blame the sales going on. I blame the economy for being bad and me wanting so much to help.

I also blame polka dots for being so cute…

So, after a few more hours of packing, with a break to acquire a pink polka dot bikini, I’m mean, why not? I feel the only progress I’ve made is that I packed some clothes and most of my books. I’m thinking my new apartment is going to be a place for me and my clothes to live together (most certainly happily). I might have to reconsider the couch I bought, no room for it and my skirts, but definitely won’t reconsider the dresser I bought.

Back to my sisyphean task. Or I might eat a cookie. I think I’ll eat the cookie.



2 thoughts on “A wardrobe Sisyphus

  1. Clothes with tags still on? Have you ever thought of doing a clothes swap? I need to do one soon because there’s a ton of stuff in my closet that I don’t wear…

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