Ballerina in the making

Recently I posted about my love of ballet and that as an adult with no consistent training ever and a serious lack of natural grace, I’ve undertaken classes to become the prima ballerina that lives inside my imagination.

Ever since I started ballet classes only six weeks ago, all I want to do all day is dance and talk about dancing. So naturally, I have to write about it lest I burst!

Currently, I take two to three classes a week at the Dance Institute of Washington and Joy of Motion Dance Center, both located in Washington, DC. These dance institutions offer amazing dance opportunities for underprivileged children and teens, aspiring novice adults, and the nearly professional talent.

What started as a 7-week enrollment period and one hour class, has turned into 4 hours of dancing a week and me finally being able to touch my toes.

The astounding part of this process is that I see myself improving—the difference between my turnout in first position from day one to now is so drastic that I’m sure the Washington Ballet will begin scouting me any day now.

I recognize that I am developing as a dancer, but who I have to thank besides the nonprofit organizations that make my twinkle toe dreams come true, are the teachers who take the time to share their skills, their time, and their patience to teach us novices. For the first time in my life, I’m taking direction—it’s amazing that listening to the teacher and putting it into practice actually works. What an innovative idea.

I’m already anticipating the next class, because although I get dizzy when I twirl too much, my teacher said I have a naturally strong pirouette and that is a talent that needs nurtured and would be criminal to deny the world.

Change that hair color to red, and that's pretty much how me sleeping.

Change that hair color to red and that’s pretty much me sleeping.


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