A girl’s best friend

There are a few qualities that make a girlfriend a greatfriend. I am fortunate to have several of these located both near and far and who vary greatly in their management of me as a friend.

Quality 1: Body image

Gingermermaid: “I feel fat.”

Little Hispanic Girl: “Gingermermaid, I swear to God, if you really want to piss me off and make me hate you, keep saying that.”

Quality 2: Missteps with boys

Gingermermaid: “So I told him he should buy me everything I want, should pay for all dates, should stop talking to any other redheads, and should give me a foot massage. Can you believe it? He got super mad!”

Swedish Fish: “He’s an idiot.”

Quality 3: Honesty

Gingermermaid: “So what do you think of [insert name of boy]?”

Expatriot: “I hate him. But as long as your happy.”

Quality 4: Personality

Gingermermaid: “I have a tendency to be dramatic.”

French Fry (sarcastically): “No, not you.”

Each of the four girls represented here are not just girlfriends but greatfriends and couldn’t be more different from one another other than the fact that they are all real good friends with me and can handle my special brand of friendship. This includes a lack of tact, hyperactivity, and dramatic life twists. Basically, I give them entertainment and in exchange they give me love and support—the hot chocolate of friendship. I feel pretty lucky to have such a smorgasbord of greatfriends (#cheesy).


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