Breaking tradition

It’s less than a week before Christmas, the city is emptying out, the work load has trickled down to a drip, and I’m really just going through the motions.

How in the world is anyone supposed to concentrate on anything during this time of year as we all get hopped up on chocolate, cookies, and eggnog?!

As I struggle to keep my focus in the office and not wrapped up in some garishly decorated gift, I’m reflecting on the Christmas I will have this year.

This Christmas is going to be my first ever Christmas spent away from home. It’s not because flying is expensive (I live within driving distance), it’s not because I decided my family is crazy (I already knew this), it’s not because I didn’t get the pony I’ve so desperately been asking for for 27 years, it’s because traditions are changing and it’s time I start my own.

My sister was the first to depart from our nuclear traditions as she began her own family. My brother followed soon after by removing himself from the eastern US and relocating to the Pacific Northwest, starting a family of his own too.

As the third, some would say even best, of the children, I stand alone having not procreated or exchanged vows. I should be the one most able to keep the traditions alive, but this year, I decided that I’m ready to evolve too. I’ve changed so much since moving to Washington, most remarkably in this past year, that I want to have Christmas in my own way.

As the sole resident of my one-bedroom apartment, I have executive power of decorating and ambiance settings: lights, little Christmas villages, askew tree, and a constant stream of Christmas sounds—Santa won’t be able to pass up my digs.

Since my apartment halls are decked, presents are under the tree, stockings are filled with goodies that are not coal, Christmas morning will somehow feel just like Christmas morning. I’ll share it with my boyfriend (so adorable, I know) and he and I will decide the process of our festivities, me carrying the traditions from my past and he carrying the traditions of his, and we will merge them into our own.

I can’t wait for the magic of Christmas morning and the new traditions I am about to start and the even cheesier, hokier blog posts that may come from it.


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