It’s over, no more mistletoe

Opening presents is exhausting, messy work.

Opening presents is exhausting, messy work.

As mentioned in previous posts, I truly love the holidays. But when it’s over, I feel so unfulfilled. It’s like a sugar rush that comes raging, peaking Christmas morning, and then crashing down somewhere between December 26th and January 1st. The twinkling lights become sadly dim, and the tree is kicked to the curb (or in my case, escorted to the dumpster). All the anticipation, the music, the gifts—they become a dull memory.

Somewhere along the holiday break, the holiday ended. Between driving from family to family, overdosing on hugs, and eating too many cookies, the luster of the season washed away. By December 29th, Christmas 2012 seemed like a century ago.

Instead of feeling content, I’m left with yearning for the electric feel of the holiday, guilt from gorging on Christmas delicacies, fatigue from navigating from one locale to the other, and the knowledge that after all the holiday distractions, the desk and emails beckon me back to the daily grind.

I come out of the festive season to face a bleak January–accompanied by a minor case of the flu and a pile of work in need of tending.

On that positive note…

I can’t leave a blog post so sad and pathetic, that’s not my style. Even though I feel like a canvas stripped of its color for the interim, I won’t stay blank for long. Life is just waiting for me to live! (Take a Lactaid pill ’cause that was way cheesy!)

There are lots of things I have to look forward to in a post-apocalyptic 2013.

My birthday is in a month (although, birthdays do lose their enchantment with each subsequent year after the age of 21 or so). I can’t wait to dig into cake with buttercream icing and savagely tear open presents I get just for being born. Planning a party or event in honor of my accidental birth is always fun, and this year, with hot pink snow pants and snow boots yet to be acquired, I’m going to attempt a ski excursion. I can only hope that I won’t break a leg so that I can continue my pathway to the Washington Ballet (three months of classes now, nearly prima-ready).

I have two international trips planned, one for pleasure and the other business. I got my man, I got my friends, I have my leather dancing shoes, and I got my credit card for shopping.

Even more so, I have all of 2013 to figure out what this year will be for one Gingermermaid. (2012 was a learning year, or a practice year, rather. I’m ready now.)

The Christmas season is over for now, but soon enough I’ll be smooching my beau under the mistletoe again and setting out cookies for Santa. In the meantime, I’ll recover from the post-holiday blues, try to make it a good year, and start my countdown—351 days till Christmas.


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