Heading for cover

alligatorunderbedlgWaking up on a cold morning, nothing seems more terrible than emerging from the warmth and safety of blankets. Even removing a bit of forearm from the comforter to silence the siren of the alarm is challenging, anticipating that change in temperature.

Aside from a mattress and pillows, sheets and blankets really make the sleep experience. I find it difficult to sleep without some sort of  coverage. In the summer, even if its 100 degrees outside and the air conditioner is broken, I require a sheet, at the very least, in order to manage a full night’s rest. In the winter, I purposely keep my apartment on the verge of chilly so that I can bundle tightly under an obscene amount of downy covers. Somehow, this makes it easier, certainly cozier, to sleep.

There is something very comforting about the sheets, blankets, duvets on a bed. As a child, this coverage saved me from the alligator under my bed and the monsters in my closet. Nightmares could quickly dissolve if I only pulled the blankets completely over my head.

Although blankets actually do nothing to shield from danger, only poorly conceal a lumpy person under a sea of blankets, there is still a sensation of safety and comfort, even if it is only the safety from a chilly room and an escape into a happy dream along my with friends, fluffy pillow and tempur pedic mattress…


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