The conundrum of February 14th…musings on a controversial holiday

February 14th is synonymous with Saint Valentine, apparently the patron saint of giving chocolate and flowers to a girlfriend, wife, mistress, etc. I’m not Catholic, so I don’t know all the details about Mr. Saint Valentine, but I’m sure that this statement is mostly based on fact.

This time of the year, most of the population takes a stance on Valentine’s Day in one extreme camp or the other:

Booooo! Relationships suck! Hallmark invented this! Girls only! Let’s get together and burn pictures of our ex-boyfriends!


Yay, my boyfriend is going to buy me diamonds and take me out to dinner and then kiss me ever so sweetly while my friends give me those little candy hearts that say “u r swell” and cheesy cards with a kitten on it that says “you’re puuuuuurfect, be my Valentine.”

By this very brief, yet descriptive, analysis, it’s evident that no matter what camp one person is in, the opinions remain strongest with that of the female persuasion. The male reaction is often coerced by whomever he is trying to impress and/or is dating at the time.

Generally, the XY masses hope they don’t have to do anything special to celebrate. Likely, they hold less putrid animosity toward the holiday than the ladies who do, harboring more nonchalance and laziness as the driving forces for disdain. The day is largely contingent on the girl they are with; the challenge is figuring out what camp their girlfriend, wife, mistress, etc, is in. Inevitably, if they do something sweet she will be like, “I hate this holiday! You’re so corny and such a loser.” If they don’t do something loving: “Silent treatment.” If they ask the girl point-blank what she wants/prefers: “You should know me. ‘Silent treatment.'” A risky game. I feel for boys on this one.

I know there are others like me out there, others that maybe share my view: indifference. I don’t know anybody, but I do know there has to be more than just me. 7 billion people—someone else in the world must not give it a second thought…

We are the people who accidentally wear red on Valentine’s Day without knowing it and go through the entire day without realizing that we were in the “spirit.” We are the people who don’t notice that the chocolate is in a heart-shaped box because we only see chocolate and eat all contents regardless of container. We are the people who like pink and ribbons and think that the rest of the world has come around too.

5445267986_b331bb6490_zHowever, upon reflection, I didn’t always pass off the 14th as one of the 28 (29) days of February.When I was a kid, Valentine’s Day was a break in the school day and a chance to get hopped up on sugar and decoupage a shoe box into a Valentine’s Day mailbox. Everyone received a Valentine from all the students in the class (bypass hurt feelings) and “secretly” delivered them. When I had a crush on a boy, I would select the best message in my Little Mermaid Valentine card collection and write a little special something.

“You’re cute. Do you like me? Check yes or no.”

I can’t believe I was single till I was 19, I did everything so right.

As a child, all the little holidays are fun and represent a break from the day-to-day at school. As an adult, the magic of one holiday is lost in the doldrums of the day-to-day. After I stopped decoupaging shoe boxes, I guess I was 22 or so, I didn’t really notice.

This year, however, there is twist or five:

  1. I have a boyfriend
  2. He wants to do something on Valentine’s Day (he wants, he’s an odd one)
  3. It’s technically our six month anniversary of officialness
  4. He made reservations at a nice restaurant
  5. He got me a gift

It’s weird because even with this hoopla, I still don’t really acknowledge it. When he wasn’t sure if he could get reservations where at the fancy restaurant he wanted, I thought, “I’ll make perogis.” Perogies are sooooo good!

For me it’s another date night, but with pizzaz because I’m getting a present (which meant I had to get him a present to, which was sort of a bummer [I wrapped it in Christmas paper]).

Maybe my opinion on Valentine’s Day will develop into something concrete, or maybe it will just be another sequence of days with a hot date in the middle of the doldrums. Or maybe, from here on out it is the .5 part of a segment in my relationship, a Gingermermaid and Boyfriend semiannual holiday. Aw…

"Hey Gingermermaid, what do you want to do for Valentine's Day and our six month anniversary?""The who's its and what's it?"

“Hey Gingermermaid, what do you want to do for Valentine’s Day and our six month anniversary?”
“The whosit whatsit?”


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