I want to save all the koalas

Every time I see this picture and read this article by the Huffington Post, I want to cry.


I want to cry for so many reasons.

First, I love koalas.

Second, for some reason this koala reminds me of my cat, Pancake, and it makes me so sad to think she, so full of life and so wacky, would suffer some tragedy she couldn’t understand. She’d sit there like that little guy and go, “Meow.”

Third, there is just too much raw emotion and innocence from this koala. He doesn’t know what to do. How can he understand a world of logging? How can he understand “progress” when he is so simple? What did this koala do to deserve his home being taken away? He doesn’t understand the ways of our cruel way of life or the sin of humans. He lives organically and with the world, not against it.

This koala, I’ll call him Bert, only wanted to hang out in trees with his koala friends and eat eucalyptus.

I know some people would say, “what about the helpless, dying people out there and the poor, sickly children?” That’s sad too, but it’s kinda like when you are watching a movie and everyone is dying, but when the dog dies, that’s when you start crying hysterically.

Animals aren’t people. Animals are largely at the mercy of our overpopulation and destructive habits. Not to say that they can’t be assholes too, I mean, I don’t like it if a lion tries to eat me, but I look like a slice of pizza to him and I eat his friend, the cow, because the cow tastes super good.  That’s the circle-of-life thing. Sometimes animals act like us and beat each other up over a girl or try to overtake the leader of a pack, and that’s not nice either, but that’s their social hierarchy. Moreover, they tend not to destroy the globe in the process and keep it mostly to their turf.

Look, I’m not a tree-hugger or a super pro-animal rights person. I am the non-extreme, use common sense person. Don’t litter, recycle, reduce your footprint, treat animals well, eat them because they are tasty, if you choose. But this, this is too much.

We can’t keep losing endangered animals and we need to learn to be responsible and co-exist with our cuddly and non-cuddly animal kingdom. A world without koalas is no world at all.

Bert, I just want to give you a hug. It’s going to be OK.

"Why would they do that to Bert? Meow."

“Why would they do that to Bert? Meow.” – Pancake


UPDATE: I just adopted my own koala named Boo. She lives in the Gold Coast. You can learn more about adopting a koala here. I can’t even believe how sappy this one picture made me. Oh, Gingermermaid…trying to save the world again, or at least the part of the world you like.


2 thoughts on “I want to save all the koalas

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  2. Em, how do feel toward earth worms and meal worms as the unhuggables used for fishing for fishing? Memories. We need to go fishing again…Dad

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