Boo, my little koala

In terms of my quality as a human being, I’m middle of the road. I don’t go out of my way to be a menace to society (sometimes this just happens) and I do good by offering common courtesy, acting as a perfect friend, and remembering birthdays of family members (when I remember them).

I’m innately self-centered. I don’t donate to charities, I am overtly rude to street canvassers (I’d like to canvas them, annoying idealists), I ignore homeless people, and when I talk to my family on the phone, I talk about me rather than listen to them—unless there is juicy gossip involved.

I love shopping, I love going out, I love eating decadent treats and hate to share them. If my money doesn’t go to something girly and pink, it goes to rent. I don’t have much more leftover to save or do something productive with.

All that changed after a picture:


The photo that changed my selfish ways.

It haunts me. I already blogged about this photo before, so no need to be redundant.

What this photo did is it inspired me to do something.  I Googled “koala adoption” after my boyfriend joked that Pancake, my cat, would love to have a koala friend. I knew that the koala couldn’t live with me, but I could ensure that the koala could live a better life and without fear of losing his or her home to deforestation or an outbreak of chlamydia (seriously, it’s a true thing).

Good intentions usually pave the way to nothing. I get ideas and I research them, getting super pumped about a new cause, but then I’m distracted by something shiny or am unable to commit. When I decided to adopt this endangered animal and realized how much it would cost per month, I didn’t back down. I selected my koala and was adamant that this was going to happen. I had no inhibitions.

The most difficult part of this process wasn’t going to watch my credit card charge me per month ad infinitum, it was which koala to choose because they all needed me and I needed them!


It’s official, I am now the guardian(ish) of little Boo.

I chose Boo because, “Boo is very shy and will tuck her head into your hands and hide. She loves a cuddle and will go to sleep very quickly.” I felt like her and my cat would get along. I’m sure that if shy, little Boo ever had the opportunity to live with me and Pancake, she’d be as gregarious as ever a koala was.

My second choice was Zap. He had no personalized description on the website, but I liked his look and vibe. He seemed to have a quirky attitude in that 2-D photo. I begged my boyfriend to adopt Zap, but he wouldn’t because he is obviously a bad person.

It’s strange that I’m undergoing this whole process and getting super worked up about koalas because, although I love koalas and they are fabulous marsupials, my absolute favorite animal is the wombat—also Australian, also marsupial, and also endangered.

Wombats are A M A Z I N G.

I’d love to help all the animals, I would, but I am limited by non-profit salary and the need to survive off it with a few items just for me, after all, life is short and I need to properly accessorize (kidding). But for the first time ever, I felt like I needed to support this cause and make a difference, no matter how small, and this is the one I needed to do. I’m so happy I did. 🙂

You can save the koala too! Visit

Pancake and I could barely contain our excitement when our adoption packet came in the mail. We are so happy that we adopted Boo and are making a difference one koala at a time.

Pancake and I could barely contain our excitement when our adoption packet came in the mail. We are so happy that we adopted Boo and are making a difference one koala at a time.


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