Let’s do this, Bibi

Once again I am off to Israel to play shepherd to 31 academics through a security studies fellowship.

Weeeeeeeee! Here I go again!

Weeeeeeeee! Here I go again!

My family gets a bit nervous whenever I go to this part of the world, but I’m like, “don’t worry. Israelis are such badasses. And I have two words for you: Iron Dome.”

It’s true, I feel safe in Israel, just as much as I do in DC. I’m way more likely to be the casualty of a shopping spree in DC or get run over by a motorcade on Pennsylvania Avenue than meet my demise in Israel. Although it’s a more “energetic” and “conflicted” part of the world as compared the good ‘ol US of A, I’m not really sure if my chances diminish of tragic, unforseen death than any other part of the world. Even terrorists aren’t secured by boundaries, so it’s best to do your thang and hope for the best.

Last year was my first trip to Israel, ever, and it was a bit of a disaster getting there. In addition, I had a lot to prove. I was barely at my organization for two months at this time and the trip could’ve made or destroyed my future career.

So, this year, I am way more relaxed, a bit less excited, and all these things worry me because I feel like I’m forgetting something or everything. But one thing can be sure, in my free time, I will be eating humus on the beaches of Tel-Aviv with a beer, gazing out at the Mediterranean and happy that for two weeks, I can escape the boredom of my four walls and out-of-date desktop.

Let’s do this Bibi.


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