Eating Israel

As mentioned, I am currently hanging out in Israel. It’s a work trip so don’t think I’m just hanging out at the Dead Sea eating hummus and drinking Israeli beer.

When visiting any country there is an adjustment to local cuisine. Fortunately, food in Israel is quite tasty and diverse. Granted, bacon is not easily located, and cheeseburgers are almost nonexistent, and bacon cheeseburgers are about as common as unicorns. I don’t get this Kosher stuff, but I know that I’m eating it while I’m here.



The breakfast served at the hotel I am staying in is extensive with vegetables, hummus, pasta, quiches, cheese, fish, bread, salad, pancakes, eggs, pita, sweet things, etc. The only things missing seem to be pizza, ice cream, and sausage.

Because of the array to choose from its really easy to choose nutritious options such as the veggies and the fish. But then there is also this amazing danish things stuffed with cheese that is most certainly made with too much butter which is why it’s a must at every breakfast.

I’m not used to such a large breakfast and such rich food (my food is usually verging the poverty line) so it can take a toll and I get belly aches, which I’m already prone to, and a roller coaster of energy levels.

By the time I am ready to go I will have adjusted to the newer diet, found an equilibrium between healthy portions/options and satisfaction, and feel raring to go. Then it’s back the US of A and Hot Pockets and peanut butter sandwiches and a week of readjustment.

In the interim, I get to indulge in great stuff, like fantastic restaurants on the beach, Kosher McDonald’s (don’t judge me that I really enjoyed my McChicken sandwich…) and so much falafel it’s rather uncanny!

Good thing there is a great boardwalk to run on…


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