Smoker’s rights…um, yeah, ok…

I walk to work everyday which is a delightful way to avoid traffic jams and crowded buses as well as sneak in a bit of a healthy exercise.

Yay, healthy walk…or is it?

I’ve noticed that on the narrow sidewalks (I love trees as much as the next oxygen breather, but it can make it difficult to maneuver city walkways with a big trunk allowing only half of a bystander by one at a time) I end up squished together with smokers.

The problem with being in close proximity of smokers is that inevitably, I’m downwind of the smoke, smell, and ashy debris. In addition, these walking smokers tend to let their arm swing down by their hips when they walk making it perilous in close contact situations, such as those that are ever present on the skinny, mini sidewalks.

I’m a little surprised how unaware they are about their habit. It’s no secret smoking is bad for you, makes you smell like a camel’s ass, and that most people are quite repulsed by the habit. It’s not 8th grade anymore, no one  is impressed and we are all very sad for you, even more for us, because we have to breathe in your second hand tar stick. Still, smokers seem to feel entitled to sashay their cigarette about and breathe smoke rings into the atmosphere, ignorantly blissful in their nicotine world.

Perhaps I don’t get it because I don’t smoke. I don’t understand why smoker’s can receive designated smoking breaks, and me, being healthy won’t get a break. I don’t know why smoker’s get upset when their smoking areas are continually limited or when the packet goes up another $5. It’s not just that smoking affects them and their health, it affects others around them who don’t have much of a say when they light up. So thank goodness there are designated areas, and thank goodness we no longer have to wear fire retardant sparkly dresses for a night of clubbing or wear oxygen masks when we decide to eat out anymore.

Anyway, you smokers can light up because this is your right. But do it at home, do it in your car, do it away from the general populous. You smell bad and I don’t want to smell like you and I like my lungs to be a healthy pink versus your char-grilled black.


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