My cat’s online dating profile

photo (1)Name: Pancake

Sex: Female

Residence: District of Columbia, just up the road from Bo.

Age: Between 2 and 3, but I don’t look a day over 1 and 1/2.

Looking for: Someone to share the litter box with.

Kittens: None and spayed.

About: I was adopted from a shelter nearly two years ago. Since then, I’ve moved around a bit with my owners (I let them think they own me, but really, I own them). I’ve been living in the nation’s capital for about six months now and find it very invigorating.

My favorite hobbies are looking out the window and mewing at birds, watching the garbage truck in the morning, spreading cat litter all over the apartment, chasing laser pointers and shoelaces, and climbing into the toilet. Although I don’t mind playing alone or with my “owners,” I know having like-minded company would make playtime way more enjoyable. It’s no fun to get high on catnip alone, after all.

I can’t get enough tuna in my diet, and I want someone who is willing to share a can with me, maybe even let me get the first helping.

I am very clean, always licking myself everywhere, sometimes this results in hairballs, but it’s the price to pay to look good. If your not clean it’s OK, I’d suffer a hairball for you.

When I’m not playing or eating, I’m probably pooping or sleeping. I try and get a solid 19 daily (this applies to pooping and sleeping).

I can offer lots of cuddles and endless scratches.

Paw me up!


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