Gingermermaid has big news! Stay tuned…

I don’t think I have enough avid followers for this to make any sort of blogging impact, but it’s always nice to make myself feel important. I’m one of 7 billion (give or take) and so every now and then, it’s good to feel like a particularly spiffy human being.

So, I have news, and no, it isn’t that I’m having a baby. That topic has been done to pieces.

I’m not telling just yet. I’m building anticipation because that’s way more fun! The big reveal will be next week.

You may ask yourself, “do I really care what the big deal is?” Likely your answer is, “no.” But that’s Ok, because I’m still going to put suspense into motion. It will be like when everyone was curious about the royal baby and what they named it but really none of us cared but the news wouldn’t shut up about it anyway (Do you think they used a doula, btw?).

So stay tuned for Gingermermaid’s big news and start hypothesizing on the information you will not unhear after next week. Cue the suspenseful music: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!



One thought on “Gingermermaid has big news! Stay tuned…

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