I got married! I grewed up!

So, my big news is that now there isn’t just Gingermermaid and little Gingerguppy, now there is a Mr. Gingermermaid! After the roller coaster of life that my significant other and I have been on since finding out less than two months ago about the little child implanted in my belly, we did a lot of thinking, soul-searching, and manic planning.

After attending a wedding of friends just days after finding out that I was pregnant, Mr. Gingermermaid (then just boyfriend) drunkenly said to me, “we should get married before the baby is born.”

I was flabbergasted. Aren’t boys supposed to be the ones who freak out about marriage and commitment? Instead, it was me. Maybe not so much for the commitment part, we were on this path anyway, but because I wanted a wedding and I wanted to be a size 2 bride (this is very difficult to do when 27 weeks pregnant).

I was opposed to the idea, and then I wasn’t. We talked about a courthouse wedding, which was the least appealing idea in the world to me. I may not have time to plan a party, and it may not be the time, but I am still wearing a foofy dress even if I have to buy it a store that’s called, “It’s Not Too Late!” I wanted family there, if nothing else, and I wanted a warm, comfortable setting (no offense District of Columbia courthouse, but you’ve been on the news far too many times in a negative manner for my liking).

The mister and I decided on, or rather, I created an idea that he jumped on board with because his choice in the matter was really that of a spectator and eventual participant, was to get married in my childhood home with only immediate family present. I even put the brakes on having my baby nephews in attendance (babies are so annoying).

My brother, sister, two nieces, mother, father, 2 Grandmas, 1 PopPop, and one short friend were represented for my side of the family. The boy’s mother, father, brother, grandfather represented the other side.

Keeping it a secret was quite difficult since none of us have filters in my family. We didn’t want any “surprise” drop-ins because we needed and wanted to keep it small. It’s more important for us to have a wee wedding and save the money for our future–child, home, shopping sprees–than on a day which would be wonderful, but only a day.

The day went perfectly. A few hiccups at the start, which made us realize that this is why people rehearse before a wedding no matter the size, but nevertheless, the missing flower girls turned up after taking a wrong turn and the rest went on surpassing our expectations.

We laughed, we cried, we smashed cake into each other’s faces. All in all, the best day ever only to be followed by a great many more fabulous days in a fabulous life with my hubby and little guppie.


Mr. and Mrs. Gingermermaid


5 thoughts on “I got married! I grewed up!

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  3. Congratulations on everything! I was so tickled to see you used sunflowers as they are my favorites. Now I know it can be done!

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