Screw you, office of budget and management!

downloadI’m so happy right now. I don’t love the mayor of the District of Columbia, but sometimes, he gets it right.

So the short of it is this, if the federal government shuts down, much of DC shuts down because we aren’t our own state and technically we are under the same regulations of federal government or some such nonsense. So any nonessential workers of the government in DC, like in the federal government, can’t go to work.

Well, Vincent Gray, our fair city’s mayor, says, “Fuck this! No way. Stop pushing us around.”

See, what is considered nonessential is lots of rather essential things. Especially in regard to this city/territory/district/whatever.

For example, if the government shuts down, DC loses wonderful niceties we take for granted such as trash pick-up (there are over 632,000 people living here, that’s just nasty).

Here is what Gray had to say:

“I have determined that everything the District government does – protecting the health, safety and welfare of our residents and visitors – is essential. It is ridiculous that a city of 632,000 people – a city where we have balanced our budget for 18 consecutive years and have a rainy-day fund of well over a billion dollars – cannot spend its residents’ own local tax dollars to provide them the services they’ve paid for without Congressional approval. Congress can’t even get its own fiscal house in order; they should be taking lessons from us rather than imposing needless suffering on us. I will not allow the safety and wellbeing of District residents to be compromised by Congress’s dysfunction.”

Oh, he did not! Oh, he did!

He’s right, it’s the tax payers that are largely paying for these services. We do have a massive surplus in our budget (likely do to all those parking/speeding tickets my husband is only half responsible for). We may not have statehood, just that “taxation without representation” stuff, but I think if we can function and budget better than our central power, perhaps its time to take the power from the ones who can’t handle it and let us budget ourselves and manage our local revenue, like most states get to do.

Look, I’m no genius on this issue, and maybe I have some things all mixed up, but I can say, that our Congress is a bunch of self-indulgent idiots who represent their interests and not the American people’s. Don’t get me started on this Ted Cruz non-fillibuster-fillibuster crap. Does he know at the end of Green Eggs and Ham that the characters turn out to enjoy the meal? So, maybe he will enjoy Obamacare…

I digress. Anywho, way to stick it to the man, Vinnie! We, in DC, are all essential.

Washington Post Article


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