I won’t eat my veggies!

Let me preface this post by stating that politically I am registered independent. I am mainly independent on principle as I want to make my political opinions on issues rather than party lines. Do I have bias? Of course. But I am trying to keep as open a mind as possible to see beyond red and blue. In my opinion, political parties are shortcuts to political decisions so people can put little effort and thought into the political arena.

Anyway, this whole government shutdown crap is really irritating and completely unnecessary. You can’t trust information from any source. Every news station aims for ratings and holds a bias one way or the other. Please note, Americans, if you get your information from Fox News or MSNBC, you are NOT getting news, you are getting your ideas and opinions validated by rather loud and obnoxious commentators who are paid to incite passion in their most extreme of audiences.

With complete confidence, I can say that I abhor the “Tea Party” (but I enjoy tea parties and anticipate having many an imaginary tea in the afternoon with my little son) and I can’t stand the way the Tea Party has taken the Republicans hostage. Look, I know the Republican party needs to evolve and welcome itself to the 21st century as they seemed to be stuck in the 1950s, but not all Republicans are bad and some have some good ideas. Some. Mostly are archaic. But the Tea Party is a fad that will be looked upon in American history as an extreme group that destroyed the better part of its party it branched off from.

I like Obama, but he isn’t infallible and sometimes he just needs to grow a pair. There is no negotiating with people bent on sabotaging your presidency who do not care for attempted bi-partisanship; they are set on making no other Democrat president ever again and ruining everything good he can and may do even if it may benefit the country as a whole.

Obviously, this is my two cents and like most people in the government, I’m not going to be able to back up my opinions with facts, interviews, research, mostly because I have a job, a baby on the way, a blog, and quite frankly, these folks are supposed to be taking care of the government for me so, as Nike put it, just do it. Although I can piece together facts from NPR and my Time magazine intermixed with some seemingly unmixed articles from The Washington Post and The New York Times, I just want to lay out my thoughts on this whole debacle by portraying my rendition of what is going on:

Pres. Obama: John, eat your veggies or you get no dessert.

Speaker Boehner: I don’t want to eat my veggies. You can’t make me.

Pres. Obama: I’m telling you, no dessert if you don’t eat your veggies.

Speaker Boehner: I’m having cheesecake.

Pres. Obama: No you are not. First finish your veggies, then we can talk about your behavior, then we can talk about you maybe having some cheesecake.

Speaker Boehner: Cheesecake.

Pres. Obama: This is not an issue we are going to debate. You already agreed to put your veggies before your dessert. You know it’s good for you even if it’s hard to swallow.

Speaker Boehner: Cheesecake.

Pres. Obama: No.

Speaker Boehner: How can we continue this conversation when you won’t negotiate.

Pres. Obama: You knew this when you sat down to dinner. In fact, you approved the menu.

Speaker Boehner: I’m done here. I have to go read some literature with Ted Cruz.

Pres. Obama: You walk away from this table, and there will be no dessert for anyone. Why do you want to ruin it for everybody else?

Speaker Boehner: You’re unreasonable.

Pres. Obama: Senator McCain ate his veggies. He’s waiting for his cheesecake.

Senator McCain: Seriously, Boehner, why can’t you see that if you just eat your veggies, we can all have cheesecake. Maybe later we can discuss the kind of veggies we want to eat, but right now, we need to finish our plate.

Speaker Boehner: What if I just eat the carrots?

Pres: Obama: The brussel sprouts too.

Speaker Boehner: No deal!

Senator McCain: Syria!!!!!


This is how I view the great democracy that is the US of A. For how high we think of ourselves, well, it’s time to mellow out.


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