Life is supposed to be funny, even when the joke isn’t the clearest.

Because there can never be too many blogs in the bloggerspace, I exist. Am I anything special? Well, my mom seems to think so and my husband likes me enough and my baby boy is like, “waaaaaah!” so that’s most certainly a “yes” in my corner of the blogosphere, but in the whole of the blogoverse, most certainly a “no.”

I began this blog as part of an internship that morphed into something altogether different and keeps evolving, because wouldn’t you know, life is full of tops and turves.

I’m a self-proclaimed adult ballerina who started dancing three years ago; I’m absolutely terrible and love every moment of it. I’m working on another blog more dedicated to dance called Lobster Claws in Canvas Shoes.

I’m a new mom and no one is more surprised than me about that. I think babies are gross. Yeah, even you, baby Gingerguppy!

I used to live up the street from Obama, but he stopped inviting me over for Bridge night with no explanation and it was always awkward running into him and Michelle at the grocery store, so I decided to move out of the city and to rural Maryland.

So, as I continue to write information that may or may not ever be read, that may or may not add value to society, that may or may not be somewhat embarrassing, I will strive to bring randomness, wisdom, and general merriment to my posts, whether the words ever cross anyone else’s eyes but my own ,my mother’s, or Mr. Gingermaid’s…


7 thoughts on “Gingermermaid

  1. Hey!
    Loved browsing your site about recent happenings, could definitely relate!– I was an intern at AEI in 2008 and was just in DC in Dec and got to hang out with the Jen & Sarah. Hope you are enjoying the experience and DC!

    • Jen and Sarah are great, I feel so lucky to work with them! How’d you do after your internship? I’m a bit afraid to leave the comfort of the internship, so hopefully I’ll find another awesome position. Great to connect with a former embassy alumni!

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